SelfCare is an international journal advancing the study and understanding of self-care.

SelfCare provides evidence and critical commentary on self-care practices, including medications, lifestyle, and behavioural approaches, in the prevention and self-management of both acute and chronic conditions. The journal encompasses perspectives from consumers, patients, healthcare providers, academics, regulators and policy-makers, as well as the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. SelfCare publishes original research, reviews, editorials, case studies, and special supplements.

Topics covered by the journal include:

  • Consumer, patient and healthcare professional attitudes to self care practices including lifestyle, beliefs, preferences and behaviours.
  • Consumer and patient attitudes, preferences and behaviours related to medicines.
  • Health literacy/education, particularly related to choice and use of medicines.
  • Guidelines, decision-aids and patient information on medicines.
  • Technology enabling self-care.
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance in self-care.
  • Regulation, classification, and access to medicines.
  • Communicating with the public, patients and professionals about medicines in self-care.
  • Pricing and cost of medicines, including co-payment systems
  • Evaluation of outcomes from self-care interventions, including health economic analyses.
  • Integration of self-care and self medication into health and social care policy and implementation.

Content: SelfCare publishes high-quality peer-reviewed original research, and review and opinion articles on all aspects of self-care. This content provides an educational resource to the multi-disciplinary community of healthcare professionals that facilitate consumer self-care.

The Editorial Team: The SelfCare editorial team is made up of individuals with extensive self-care knowledge and experience from a broad range of disciplines. With international representation, this body is dedicated to creating a global evidence-base for all aspects of self-care.

SelfCare is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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SelfCare is partnered with The International Self-Care Foundation, the UK and Hong Kong registered charity.

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